Kay Baines Testimonial

Kay BainesThis is my second distance learning course with Premier Training. I was concerned about doing my AAT level 3 by distance learning but they made my AAT level 2 seem so easy and my employer could not really give me a day a week to attend college. I have found distance learning to be so flexible and MyPTA is so easy to use. I find the course advisers very responsive and extremely helpful, when I could not get to grips with one of my units they went through it with me and send over different practice documents, explanations and links to helpful sites.

My confidence and belief in myself increases every time I pass an assignment or exam. When I have not pass first time I have ever been made to feel like I had failed, instead I was praised for all the parts I did correctly and offered as much help as needed to build up my knowledge so that I would be able to pass the next time.

I plan on doing my AAT level 4 with Premier Training via distance learning when I complete my AAT level 3.


Kay Baines 
(AAT Student)