Jayne Sayer – Feedback and testimony

Jayne-Sayer-aatI was very lucky to be assigned to Richard Sharp who is without doubt one of the most motivational people I’ve had the pleasure to deal with and one of the main reasons I have had so much success with both my AAT level 2 and AAT level 3.

Richard is very prompt marking my assignments. If I submit an assignment at the weekend, I can bank on a marked paper by Wednesday but often before. He is a font of knowledge I regularly tap for various queries both regarding the current module and accountancy in general.

I really enjoy the structure of the distance learning program. Everything is provided in “bite sized” chucks which makes it easier to plan a session. The videos are really useful to recap and the activities after each chapter are also a great help to put into practice what you’ve just learnt. I also get a great deal of help from the AAT website and always do the exam papers there before attending an external exam so I am well prepared and know what to expect.

The flexibility of distance learning is key. I have a busy life and a demanding full time job. I would find it almost impossible to attend a regular class. You can work at your own pace, repeating subjects that are more challenging and speeding through those that I grasp quickly. This could not be achieved in a class room situation.

I have certainly gained more confidence since doing this course and it has made my current job in accounts more enjoyable as I understand so much more. My work is split between employed and self employed and I have even put up my hourly rate since finishing the AAT level 2 course as I feel I can offer more to my clients.

Jayne Sayer
(AAT Level 2 & 3)