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About Individual AAT Units

With Premier Training students have their own award-winning online personal Premier Training Account (MyPTA). Each student is provided with their personal login username and password upon enrolment and can start studying within an hour of enrolling!

Everything a student needs to study is right at their fingertips such as:

  1. Premier Training offer a flexible and comprehensive approach to enrolling onto individual AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) units. With a commitment to delivering quality education and supporting learners in their professional journey, Premier Training provides a seamless and enriching learning experience. Enrolling onto individual AAT units with Premier Training empowers learners to customize their qualifications, gain industry-recognized credentials, and receive expert support throughout their studies. Let’s explore the benefits of choosing Premier Training for enrolling onto individual AAT units and the steps involved in embarking on this rewarding educational journey.
    1. Comprehensive Course Offerings: Premier Training offers a diverse range of individual AAT units, covering various topics and levels of expertise. From foundational units to advanced qualifications, learners have the flexibility to select the units that align with their career goals and interests. Whether it’s bookkeeping, financial statements, management accounting, or accounting software, Premier Training caters to learners’ unique needs.
    2. Expert Tutor Support: When enrolling onto individual AAT units with Premier Training, learners benefit from expert tutor support. Premier Training’s tutors are qualified professionals with extensive experience in the accounting industry. They offer personalized guidance, valuable insights, and prompt feedback, ensuring learners have the necessary support to excel in their studies.
    3. Interactive Learning Resources: Premier Training’s learning resources are designed to be interactive and engaging, providing learners with an enriching educational experience. Learners have access to video lectures, quizzes, case studies, and practical exercises, making the learning process dynamic and effective.
    4. Flexible Study Options: Premier Training recognizes that learners have diverse schedules and commitments. As such, they offer flexible study options, including both in-person and online learning. Learners can choose the study mode that best fits their lifestyle, allowing them to effectively balance their studies with work or other responsibilities.
    5. Personalized Learning Experience: Enrolling onto individual AAT units with Premier Training offers a personalized learning experience. Premier Training’s platform evaluates learners’ proficiency levels and learning objectives, tailoring the course content to address individual needs. This personalized approach ensures learners can progress at their own pace and focus on areas that require additional attention.
    6. Real-Time Progress Tracking: Premier Training’s learning platform provides real-time progress tracking. Learners can easily monitor their achievements, completed modules, quiz scores, and mock exam results through a user-friendly dashboard. This tracking feature allows learners to stay motivated and assess their readiness for assessments.
    7. Exam Preparation Materials: Premier Training provides comprehensive exam preparation materials for individual AAT units. Mock exams, practice assessments, and past papers are available to help learners gain confidence and familiarity with the exam format. This preparation contributes to a successful and stress-free exam experience.

    The Process of Enrolling onto Individual AAT Units with Premier Training:

    1. Choose Your AAT Units: Identify the individual AAT units that align with your career goals and interests. Premier Training’s website provides detailed information about the units they offer, making it easy to select the ones that suit your aspirations.
    2. Register with Premier Training: Complete the registration process with Premier Training, either through their website or by contacting their enrollment team. They will guide you through the necessary steps to start your learning journey.
    3. Access Learning Materials: Once enrolled, you will gain access to Premier Training’s comprehensive learning materials through their MyPTA platform. Here, you can find video lectures, study notes, quizzes, and other interactive resources.
    4. Engage in Your Studies: Engage in your studies, complete the course materials, and prepare for assessments. Premier Training’s interactive resources and expert tutor support will ensure a fulfilling and effective learning experience.
    5. Take Assessments and Gain Recognition: Upon completing individual AAT units, you will take the assessments, which may include exams, assignments, or practical exercises. Successful completion of these assessments earns you certificates of achievement, recognized and valued in the accounting industry.
    6. Continue Your Journey: After completing individual AAT units, you have the opportunity to progress to higher qualifications, such as the AAT Advanced Diploma or Professional Diploma in Accounting. Premier Training will support you in your journey of continuous professional development.

    In conclusion, enrolling onto individual AAT units with Premier Training offers a tailor-made pathway to excellence in accounting and finance. With a wide selection of courses, expert tutor support, interactive learning resources, and flexible study options, Premier Training empowers learners to achieve their career goals and gain industry recognition. The personalized learning experience and real-time progress tracking ensure learners can advance at their own pace and receive the support they need to succeed. By enrolling onto individual AAT units with Premier Training, you set yourself on a journey of continuous learning and professional growth, propelling your accounting career to new heights of success.

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