Train to be a Qualified Self Employed Bookkeeper

Why become a Self Employed Bookkeeper?

With the increasing amount of pressure to make tax digital and the future changes that will be implemented by the Government and HMRC, the profession of bookkeeping has never been more important and a perfect time to train in this prestigious field.  The role of the bookkeeper has become an essential part of all successful businesses, ensuring that financial transactions are dealt with accurately and efficiently.

With the introduction of technology, streamlining accounts will be a vital importance in providing the information required to comply with the future Government changes, and to help the business owner review and evaluate how their business is running.

The basic system of manual double entry bookkeeping was invented more than five hundred years ago by a Cistercian monk called Luca Pacioli. His bookkeeping system still survives today and is still used throughout the world.

Although technology and accounting software programmes are increasingly becoming more user friendly, the need for a professional bookkeeper has become more apparent. Expertise is required in order to monitor and maintain that the accounting records are processed correctly to a high standard, to provide the business owner with more time to concentrate on the business.

Why Choose Premier Training:

  • Start your studies the day you enrol
  • Instant access to tutor support
  • E-learning with an AAT award winning training provider
  • Prompt marking turnaround
  • Pay by instalments (interest free)
  • 24 hour online access
  • Instant access to tutor support
  • Pass Promise

About the Bookkeeping Courses

Train to be a bookkeeperAt Premier Training we go the extra mile to make sure that as a student, you have all the material, resources and support that is available to you throughout your studies. You will receive all course materials the next working day (if enrolled before 2.30pm) and online material available within the hour.

Studying this course will enable you to gain the valuable qualifications and key skills to be able to set yourself up as a self-employed bookkeeper.

What will it include?
You will study all aspects of Bookkeeping up to trial balance.  This will be both manual and computerised.  Your special bundle will include all course materials, full tutor support and our Premier Programme.

What services can you provide?
The types of services typically carried out by a bookkeeper include:

  • Purchase orders and invoicing
  • Sales accounting and credit control
  • Cash and banking admin
  • Data processing
  • Payroll accounting
  • Using data to prepare financial statements
  • VAT processing and returns

You might have considered what may happen when your bookkeeping business takes off.  Why not take the next step and become an AAT Licensed Accountant.  You may work towards this by enrolling on the Professional Diploma in Accounting.

: How do I gain work experience in order to start my business? A: Why not try volunteering or contacting local Accountants asking if they would be willing to help you gain work experience.

Q: What do I need to set up my business? A: You need to register with HMRC as self employed, register for MLR supervision, register under the Data Protection, have indemnity insurance with a minimum value of £50,000.

Professional Recognition

AATQB status (AAT associate bookkeeping membership) is a new professional designation for employees in bookkeeping roles. It indicates the highest standards of professional conduct, up to date technical knowledge and commitment to ongoing learning. It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to employ staff with professional status. AAT is a full member of IFAC, the global organisation for the accountancy profession.

Professional Standards

AATQB status demonstrates that you are undergoing CPD, signed-up to AAT’s Code of Professional Ethics, and are subject to our disciplinary processes. Our Code of Professional Ethics involves following five fundamental principles: integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality, and professional behaviour. With AAT associate bookkeeping membership you are investing in your career and demonstrating the highest standards and best practice in bookkeeping.

Progression Options

When you are looking for a promotion, professional AATQB status is a visible mark of quality, competence and commitment. It also instils confidence in colleagues and clients. AAT Bookkeepers can go on to study AAT Accounting Qualifications and apply for MAAT status (become an AAT full member). MAAT status offers a fast track route to chartered status with all of the UK’s chartered accountancy bodies.

Benefits of AAT associate bookkeeping membership

  • AATQB designatory letters
  • Access to exclusive online resources – including industry-leading e-learning modules, tests, podcasts, blogs, videos, webinars, articles and forums
  • Networking events for AAT professional members
  • AAT master classes
  • CPD resources to keep skills fresh – including a CPD Interactive hub
  • Discounts on a range of services and products (including holidays and insurance)

Read more about the benefits of AAT associate bookkeeping membership

AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping
The AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping is a short qualification to help students develop essential bookkeeping skills. Once completed, they will have developed an understanding of basic accounting practices and techniques including double-entry bookkeeping.

Depending on your abilities, previous work experience and qualifications and your work and family commitments it can take 2 to 3 months to complete this course.


Two units are assessed individually in end-of-unit assessments by computer based test at an AAT approved assessment centre. You will receive your results within 24 hours.

Unit Assessment
Bookkeeping Transactions 1 end of unit assessment
Bookkeeping Controls 1 end of unit assessment


AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software
The Foundation Award in Accounting Software is a short qualification with one unit. Developed as a stand-alone nationally recognised qualification, the Award in Accounting Software is perfect for those who need to get to grips with accounting software and enhance their current knowledge, allowing them to use such software in the work environment.


One unit is assessed individually in end-of-unit assessment by computer based test at an AAT approved assessment centre. You will receive your results in 6 weeks.

Unit Assessment
Using Accounting Software


1 end of unit assessment


AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping
The purpose of the AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping is to ensure that students have the advanced bookkeeping skills necessary to work in a bookkeeping role or to progress to higher level accountancy. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to carry out advanced bookkeeping transactions and tasks in three mandatory units.

The qualification is composed of three mandatory units assessed in three end-of-unit assessments:

  • Advanced Bookkeeping
  • Final Accounts Preparation
  • Indirect Tax

The skills developed in the AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping can lead to employment as:

  • a professional bookkeeper
  • a senior bookkeeper or accounts manager
  • a ledger manager

Once you have completed the AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping, you can apply for AAT Licensed Bookkeeper status

To demonstrate your bookkeeping skills and expertise to colleagues, employers and clients as an AAT Bookkeeper you can use the letter AATQB after your name. Please visit the AAT website for further information and fees that will apply:


Three units are assessed individually in end-of-unit assessments by computer based test at an AAT approved assessment centre. You will receive your results within 24 hours.

Unit Assessment
Advanced Bookkeeping 1 end of unit assessment
Final Accounts Preparation 1 end of unit assessment
Indirect Tax 1 end of unit assessment

What level should I start at?

It will depend on the qualifications and/or work experience you have already gained.

If you have good numeracy skills and existing business/administrative knowledge you will be able to join the course directly at the Foundation Certificate Level.

If you also have work experience or qualifications within manual bookkeeping there may be an option to start at the Advanced Certificate Level.

To assess which level you can start at, you will be required to either provide current (qualifications that are completed within the last three years) and relevant qualifications. You can email them to and our assessors will advise if you are eligible for any exemptions.

If you have bookkeeping/accounting work experience you will be required to complete a short online initial assessment that on completion is marked by an assessor. We will then contact you with the results and help you to make an informed decision.

If you would like to complete the assessment: Click Here

My Premier Training Account (MyPTA)
MyPTA is your own personal online account that has everything you need to study right at your fingertips. You will have access to:

  • Tutor and course advisor contact details
  • Study books online
  • Personal timetable
  • Revision tools and extra e-learning tests
  • Registration and ID numbers
  • Instalment plan details

Online Interactive Videos
E-Learning videos in which our tutors cover key topics visually to aid our students learning and development.

Online Assignments
Our assignments are skills based, allowing you to put into practice what you have learned in theory. They cover the course topics extensively to ensure students are fully prepared for the AAT assessments. Each assignment will cover a few chapters of your study book to allow you to recap and test your knowledge of each section.

Online Practice Assessments

Our practice assessments are designed to prepare students for their live AAT assessment. They are based closely on the actual assessment so that students are fully prepared and aware of what will be expected.

  • All of our tutors are qualified in accounting with both vocational and extensive teaching experience.


Study Materials

Peter Clarke

About Tutor Support

  • All of our tutors are qualified in accounting with both vocational and extensive teaching experience.
  • Tutors are efficient, patient and friendly and you can call as many times as you need to.
  • You have instant and direct access to your personal tutor and course advisor via telephone and email.
  • Assignments are marked by a tutor and not a computer and are returned promptly.
  • We have personal course advisors, many of whom have completed or are currently studying AAT courses and who have hands-on experience of balancing studies with work and family commitments.
  • We have in-house IT specialists to help students who are experiencing technical difficulties.

You will be allocated a personal AAT tutor who will guide you throughout the course.

We have a team of tutors who are here to help and if you personal tutor is not available they will be happy to help and keep the marking turnaround prompt. They are qualified, experienced, patient and effective communicators so you will find that you will build a good student/teacher relationship with them all.

When studying with us you will find the staff friendly and helpful with a great support network for students. You will receive constructive feedback, guidance and support. You will also receive a personal timetable to follow which structures your whole coursework for you which can be flexible to suit your pace of study.

You are also provided with a personal course advisor who has great knowledge of the  AAT qualified who can offer advice on how to manage your AAT course studies along with work, family and other commitments.

Our tutors are very accessible! The office is open at the following times:

9am – 8pm
9am – 8pm
9am – 8pm
9am – 8pm
9am – 5pm
9am – 12pm

Course Fees

We want to help you to get started on your studies without the burden of excessive course fees that some providers charge. Award-winning support, training and study resources should not cost you the earth, which is why we have kept our course fees very competitive to help on your journey to success.

Even better, you can pay the course fees by interest-free instalments and include your AAT subscription fees, which means you can register with the AAT now, spread the cost and take advantage of the AAT resources as well. Here is a breakdown of the fees:

Gold Package: Consists of the Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping and Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping courses.
Course fee          £718
P & P                     £17
Total                      £735
 The course fees can be paid by monthly instalments (interest-free) and can include your AAT Subscription fee of £48.


Diamond Package: Consists of the Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping and Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping courses. Foundation Award in Accounting Software
Course fee          £897
P & P                     £17
Total                      £914
 The course fees can be paid by monthly instalments (interest-free) and can include your AAT Subscription fee of £48.


 AAT Awarding body/Assessment fees 

In addition to the Premier Training course fees, you will be required to pay a student subscription fee to the AAT and assessment fees to the AAT Approved Assessment Centre (AAC).

AAT student subscription fee  – payable upon registering with the AAT
£48 Subscription fee 


Assessment fees are payable to the assessment centre as and when you book each assessment. The fees will vary depending on the centre and consist of the AAT Assessment fee and Assessment Centre Administration fee. A fee is payable for every individual unit assessment.

As the fees vary we can only give you an approximate idea of what they will be. Don’t worry though, as we have a team of course advisors that will assist you to find the nearest centre and what they charge. Alternatively, you can find your nearest assessment centre using the AAT online search facility:

Here is a breakdown of the AAT assessment fees. You will need to add approximately £45 per assessment fee for the exam centre’s invigilation/admin fee:

Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping:

  • Unit assessments £41 each (2 assessments)

Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping:

  • Unit assessment £44 each (3 assessments)

Level 2 Award in Accounting Software:

  • Unit assessment £41 each (1 assessment)


On successful completion of each course you will receive your certificate directly from the AAT. 

How and where do I sit an assessment?

  • There are AAT approved assessment centres across the UK. The AAT has a search facility on their website that you will find in your MyAAT account.
  • Log in to your personal online MyAAT and search for your nearest assessment centre.
  • Simply contact your chosen assessment centre and book your assessment on a date that is available.
  • You will be required to pay the assessment fee directly to the assessment centre.

You can enrol regardless of academic background, nationality, age, location, gender, religion or occupation; and with the determination to succeed you will gain a qualification which is very recognised by employers.

There are several ways to enrol with Premier Training on your chosen AAT course. Simply choose the way that is most convenient to you. Remember our late nights are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, till 8.00pm. If you enrol Monday to Friday before 2.30pm you will receive all your course material the very next day (including Saturday!).

blank By phone: Simply telephone 01469 515444. The easiest and quickest way to enrol is over the phone using a credit/debit card. This will only take a few minutes and the course advisor will complete the enrolment form for you. 
blank Email:
blank Online: To enrol online just click on the link below and the link will take you to where you can complete an online enrolment form and pay securely using a credit or debit card, via our secure server.  <Click here to enrol>
blank By invoice: If fees are payable by a third party, e.g. an employer,  Please click here to complete an online enrolment form

Please note this does require both student and employer signatures and is a live document so both must be present when completing the form. It must be completed in one session as data will not save for continuation at another time.

Should you have any queries about enrolling on your chosen course, please do not hesitate to contact us first for advice.