AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Ethics

AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Ethics

Premier Training aat iPadThis qualification aims to expand the skills and knowledge of students who are already experienced bookkeepers or those who have already qualified on the AAT Level 1 and Level 2 Bookkeeping qualifications.

It covers accounting principles and concepts, preparing financial statements for sole traders and partnerships and providing students an intermediate level of spreadsheets software. This qualification will also ensure students understand the importance of ethics and sustainability in the modern organisation.


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AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Ethics

Here you will learn administrative and management processes relevant to finance officer roles, including preparing final accounts for small businesses and spreadsheets.

Accounts preparation Computer based test After completion of this unit, the student will have a good understanding of the accounting principles and concepts underlying all financial accounting. Having developed a fuller understanding of the accounting equation, they will understand the nature and importance of the different categories of account and how the books and records relate to each other.
Prepare final accounts for sole traders and partnerships Computer based test The student will develop accounting skills in restructuring accounting information from incomplete records and preparing financial statements for sole traders. The student will be able to use different techniques to restructure accounts to find missing information and understand the significance and limitations of the trial balance. They will become familiar with the statement of financial position and statement of profit or loss.
Spreadsheets software Computer based Project Use a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data. Select and use appropriate formulas and data analysis tools and techniques to meet requirements. Use tools and techniques to present, and format and publish spreadsheet information.
Professional ethics Computer based project Understand principles of ethical working. Understand ethical behaviour when working with internal and external customers. Understand when and how to take appropriate action following suspected breaches of ethical codes. Understand the ethical responsibility of the finance professional in promoting sustainability.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Tutor Support”]About Tutor Support

  • AAT course tutorsAll our tutors are qualified in accounting with both vocational and extensive teaching experience
  • We have efficient, patient and friendly tutors who you can call as many times as you need
  • You have instant and direct access to your personal tutor and course advisor via telephone and email Monday to Friday, late evenings Mondays to Thursdays until 8pm and Saturday mornings 9am -1pm (no queuing systems!)
  • Assignments are marked by the tutor and not a computer and are returned promptly to keep you on the right track
  • We have personal course advisors, many of whom have completed or are currently studying AAT courses and have hands on experience of managing studies with work and family commitments
  • We have in-house IT specialists to help students who are experiencing technical difficulties.

Studying with us you will find the staff patient, friendly and helpful. We offer a great support network for students. You will receive constructive feedback and unlimited guidance and support. Simply call and there is always someone to help.

Our tutors and course advisors are instantly accessible

AAT Course AdvisorsFor example, when you call, if your tutor is not available for any reason you may speak with any of the other tutors. They are qualified, experienced, patient and effective communicators so you will find that you will build a good student/teacher relationship with them all.

You are also provided with a personal course advisor who is either part or fully AAT qualified so they are speaking from experience and can empathise with you on your journey to becoming a qualified Accounting Technician.

The office is open at the following times:

9am – 8pm
9am – 8pm
9am – 8pm
9am – 8pm
9am – 5pm

We have a team of friendly and experienced course advisors to  answer any of your questions so please do not hesitate to contact  them on: 01469 515444.                                                                           

[/toggle][toggle title=”Study Material”]My Premier Training Account (MyPTA)

logoPremier Training is very excited to launch to our new students their online personal Premier Training Account (MyPTA). Everything a student needs to study is right at their fingertips such as:

  • Tutor and course advisor contact details
  • Study books online
  • Personal timetable
  • Access to online assignments
  • Revision tools, help guides and extra e-learning tests
  • Updates and news
  • Important information such as your AAT registration and student ID numbers

With this new resource students can fast track their AAT course effectively. Each student will be provided with their personal login username and password upon enrolment and can start studying within an hour of enrolling!

Premier Training will provide each student with:

  • Experienced and qualified personal tutors with instant and direct access during opening times
  • Personal course advisor for extra guidance and support
  • All the study manuals specifically covering the syllabus of the AAT qualification (both online and delivered to your home)
  • Workbooks for selected units with varied practice activities for revision and exam success
  • Answers to the workbook activities
  • Three online assignments and one mock exam per unit promptly marked by the tutors and comprehensive tutor feedback provided
  • Extra 20 interactive online tests per unit
  • Supplementary questions written by the tutor if required
  • You will also have your own MyPTA containing revision tools, guidance notes, study aids and audio presentations
  • Quick Step Guide with clear and concise step by step instructions to guide you through each step of the way through the course
  • Personal timetable to structure your whole course work for you keeping you motivated and on track so you simply follow the order of the dates

Study Materials

Live and Recorded Lessons
View our “Setting up as a self employed bookkeeper / accountant” recorded lesson

Online interactive videos: E-learning videos allow tutors to cover key topics visually. It provides invaluable reinforcement of the subjects covered in the course and helps students by seeing the material as well as reading about it. Students can access the videos anytime from anywhere through the internet instead of relying on DVDs or flash drives, with easy access using mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Online assignments: Our assignments and practice assignments are skills based, allowing you to put into practice what you have learned in theory. They cover the course topics extensively to ensure that students are fully prepared for the AAT assessments.

Each assignment will cover just a few chapter of your study book. We will tell you which chapters of which book you will need to complete for each assignment. You can choose how long you want to study your course and we will prepare a timetable to suit. This timetable will keep you on track and help you achieve your goal in the timescale you have chosen.

Our videos are interactive with integrated tests to ensure the students have absorbed the knowledge effectively. The students will benefit from the ability to pause and rewind, and gives the student the advantage of studying at their own pace; something a classroom course cannot offer.

Online live interactive lessons: With the combination of visual and audio resources, the tutor can mimic the classroom experience and deliver clear, concise instructions but still have the flexibility of distance learning. You can ask questions throughout and are tested to ensure you have absorbed the knowledge correctly and fully. Our live lessons run weekly on a range of topics but if you cannot attend, they are recorded and stored in MyPTA so you can access them at anytime and as often as you like.

My Premier Training Account (MyPTA) Mobile App

MyPTA AppMyPTA is your own personal online account that has everything you need to study right at your fingertips and you can short cut to MyPTA with our Premier Training App. You have access to:

  • tutor and course advisor contact details
  • study books online
  • personal timetable
  • revision tools and extra e-learning tests
  • instalment plan
  • updates and news
  • registration and ID numbers

AAT Training Provider Awards winnerHere are some samples of our AWARD WINNING E-Learning:


Ipad assignment premier trainingAssignments for the AAT courses are completed online via the Premier Training website and are marked promptly with comprehensive tutor feedback.  This is to enable students to develop the skills required for computer based assessments and you will need reliable internet access. On your MyPTA you will be given your log in details and instructions on how to access each individual online assessment.[/toggle][toggle title=”Assessment and Examinations”]Assessment and Examinations

AAT ApprovedAAT will assess your knowledge and understanding of the skills you’ve developed by a series of computer based assessments (CBA). You can take the CBA’s as and when you are ready and as soon as you are fully prepared.

Computer Based Assessment (CBA):

Computer based tests (CBT) are online assessment that you will take at an AAT approved assessment centre and for most units the Level 2 and 3 results are available as soon as you have completed the test and should be provided by the invigilator/exams officer. Level 4 results are available within six weeks of the assessment date.

There are two optional ways to complete units:

Recognition of prior learning (RPL), where we take into account your previous study. This is available for all units. Workplace evidence (WPE) is only accepted for a limited number of units where specified.

How to book your CBT:

  • Complete the practice assessment to a good standard
  • Make sure you feel confident and prepared to sit the exam
  • You will have a personal online MyAAT account and access to an assessment centre search facility. Using your post code you will be provided with a list of centres nearest to your home
  • Simply contact the assessment centre and book your assessment on your chosen day and at your chosen time.
  • At this point you will need to pay the assessment fee to the centre
  • The assessment centre will confirm the time and day via post or email
  • Turn up on the day, take and pass the assessment and receive your results the same day.

The booking procedure for a CBP works a little differently which is explained upon enrolment and your course advisor will assist you with this if required.

In the unlikely event you fail your assessment you will be able to pay and re-book the assessment three full working days after. Premier Training will continue to support you at no further cost.

On successful completion of each level you will receive a certificate directly from the AAT. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Employers Pack”]

Employers AATWe understand that employers investment in their employees is valuable and we recognise that it is important that the student achieves their goal in a timely fashion. We also understand the need to keep students motivated and on track especially when studying from home.

We have therefore developed an Employers Pack that includes the following:

  • Employers loyalty discount
  • A regular progress report by email (with every marked assignment and assessment)
  • A copy of each student’s timetable showing the assignment due dates and when the assignments were received.
  • The assignment grades awarded
  • A copy of the tutor feedback provided with each marked assignment

This will enable employers to keep track of their employees’ progress every step of the way and will help them to remain focused and ensure they achieve the qualification in the time frame agreed with the employer.

This pack is automatically supplied to all employers paying the fees for their employees’ courses. Alternatively if you do not require the progress report but still wish to take advantage of the loyalty discount please inform the course advisor team at the time of enrolment on 01469 515444 or email: info@premiertraining.co.uk

Please note the discount cannot be offered along side another promotion such as special offers for enrolling onto multiple levels or courses.


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Course Fees
AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Ethics £599
Postage & Packaging (per level) £17
Postage & Packaging (per level) overseas £49

*Please note the overseas P&P of £49 is a estimate and we will confirm the final amount of P&P due when the delivery address has been confirmed. The course fee and P&P can be paid by four equal monthly instalments at no extra charge and the first instalment will get you started immediately (Only available for UK based students and not available for employers).

Additional fees to remember:

Please note that in order to achieve the AAT qualification you will need to register with the AAT as a student member. The following items are not included in your course fees:

AAT Registration Fee £40.00  
Examination fees*:
AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Ethics Fees vary between approximately £60-£85 per exam
*Please note the assessment fees are an approximate quote and vary depending in the exam centre.

Reference Books
For extra reading, AAT students are advised to purchase Frank Wood’s ‘Business Accounting’ Volume 1 (£43.99) and Volume 2 (£43.99).  Both books can be purchased from Premier Training by telephoning the office on 01469 515444. Students should consult with Premier Training to ensure that they have the correct edition!
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We have received the AAT and PQ awards for our e-learning in recognition that our study resources are the best in the industry. Our “My Premier Training Account” (MyPTA) is an online personal account for students to access all their study resources at their finger tips. Our new MyPTA App creates a shortcut for students to access their study resources anytime and anywhere.

AAT Awards Best use of E-learning 2015Premier Training AAT Awards

Recognised for his commitment and dedication to his students is our tutor Nick Craggs who won BKN Tutor of the Year 2013. He was nominated and voted by our students and won by a land slide.

Two of our students won awards for their amazing achievement, completing levels 2, 3 and 4 in only 8 months! You can read more about how they succeeded on our website.

Student Forums
The AAT’s discussion forums are where AAT members go to help each other, talk about their studies, discuss finance & accounting and other related topics. See what students are talking about at: http://forums.aat.org.uk/[/toggle] [toggle title=”How to Enrol”]

You can enrol regardless of academic background, nationality, age, location, gender, religion sexual orientation or occupation; and with the determination to succeed you will gain a qualification which is very recognised by employers.

There are several ways to enrol with Premier Training on your chosen AAT course. Simply choose the way that is most convenient to you. Remember our late nights are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 8.00pm. If you enrol Monday to Friday before 3pm you will receive all your course material the very next day (including Saturday!).

The easiest and quickest way to enrol is over the phone using a credit/debit card. This will only take a few minutes and the course advisor will complete the enrolment form for you.If you enrol Monday to Friday before 3pm you will receive all your course material the very next day (including Saturday).
Email: info@premiertraining.co.uk
Online: To enrol online just click on the link below and the link will take you to where you can complete an online enrolment form and pay securely using a credit or debit card, via our secure server. <Click here to enrol online> . Once you have submitted the form you will receive confirmation of your order and a course advisor will contact you with details of what happens next.
By post: Please fill in the course enrolment form which can be downloaded here: AAT Level 3 Bookkeeping Enrolment Form and fax to 01469 572349 or post to:Return your completed enrolment form with payment to:Premier Training
Premier Training Centre
Prince Henry Drive
Queens Road
North East Lincolnshire
DN40 1QY
By invoice: If fees are payable by a third party, e.g. an employer, please complete this enrolment form and fax to 01469 572349 or post to:

Premier Training
Prince Henry Drive
Queens Road
N.E. Lincolnshire
DN40 1QY

Alternatively you can scan and email it to info@premiertraining.co.uk Your course material will be dispatched straight away and an invoice will be sent for payment to the address advised. Please be sure to provide a purchase order number if required.

Should you have any queries about enrolling on your chosen course, please do not hesitate to contact us first for advice.[/toggle][toggle title=”Enrol Online”]Did you know it’s easier to enrol over the phone? The course advisor team will complete the enrolment quickly and efficiently. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions or request an alternative instalment plan. All you need to do is call: 01469 515444 and we can get you started straight away.

If your employer is paying for the course simply download and complete this enrolment form and ask your employer to sign section 3. The form can either be faxed to Premier Training on 01469 572349 or scanned and email to:  info@premiertraining.co.uk *Please note you do not need to complete your enrolment online if your employer is paying for the course.

If we receive the enrolment form Monday to Friday before 3pm you will receive your study books the very next day (including Saturdays!).[wpsc_products product_id=’7553′][/toggle] [toggle title=”Any Questions?”]Please use this form to send us an enquiry about courses, distance learning / home study or additional information. We will respond as soon as possible.

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