Returning to your AAT Distance Learning studies after a break

Returning to your AAT Distance Learning studies after a break can be a challenge. Here are some tips that may help you kick-start your studies and get back on track to completing your AAT Distance Learning qualification.

Before you even begin to put any plans in place or pen to paper you must feel ready. A lack of confidence can lead to doubt. Doubting yourself will not lead to success. Before you start think about all the things you have accomplished so far, things in the past you did not think you could achieve on the initial journey and how far you have come since then (passing GCSEs, passing your driving test, winning the interview: new job, purchasing a house etc). Being able to achieve something that you may have felt was initially difficult, no matter how small, the concept is the same for your studies. A little confidence will go a long way to giving yourself the push you need.

Realistic planning
It is important to get the right balance between home life, work, and studies. Life can be very difficult at times so creating a plan could help. Set dates and times that are right for you, everyone is different, don’t allow other students/situations around you make you feel pressured into having dates that are not achievable or suited to you. Having a deadline to work towards can be motivationally challenging. Setting dates that are going to cause stress and anxiety can be very damaging and set you back. Try to list what you want to achieve that day. Pencil in topics to study each day rather than ‘study day’.  This will allow you to know the start point and end point so you can plan better for your next study session.

Learning new subjects can be overwhelming so don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. If you are enrolled with Premier Training you have a tutor you can contact as much as needed for support. It is part of the service we provide to you so be sure to utilise it as much and as often as you need it. Talking over something you find tricky with an experienced specialist tutor will help make things clearer. Just ensure you fully understand they may ask questions or allow you the chance to ask questions to test your knowledge.

Suddenly something that seemed impossible to grasp 15 minutes ago has turned into something that is second nature. This adds to your confidence which then adds to your passion for progression! You can also find lots of help on social media through groups and forums. A problem shared is a problem halved. Even with Distance Learning, you are not alone!

Study space
When it comes to ‘study time’ choose an area that has as little distractions as possible. You will benefit from choosing a well-lit area with some surface area and minimal clutter. Plants are also known to reduce stress levels and make studying more productive as green is a calming colour which can add balance to your state of mind. Keep your emails closed and phone out of reach, switch off from any possible distractions as much as you possible. Once you get focused and make a start on a task you will be surprised how easy it feels to continue and time flies!

Your progress will drive you forward so it is so important that you stay focused to achieve the goal set. No matter how little each day or week, progress means the end goal is in sight!

If you are a Premier Training student you can contact your tutor by phone, email or quick message via MyPTA. You also have a dedicated Course Advisor who will be happy to discuss your course and get help get you to get back on track.

Happy Studying!