It’s all on my own terms, in my own time

I cannot recommend Premier Training highly enough.

I enjoy having a timetable to work to as it gives me guidance on what needs to be achieved before the exam. There are assignments that need to be completed as you go, and these get marked by my assigned tutor, Richard.

Premier Training AAT student Luke Walters

Richard is great, he replies quickly to my emails and marks my assignments with feedback on where I have under-performed.

There are ample materials to follow. You get the Osborne books which are great, videos that Premier Training have created, plus access to previous webinars and lectures that have been recorded as well as small tests to make sure you’ve understood the chapter properly.

My time between work, study, and life is extremely flexible as my timetable can be amended when it needs to be and there is no pressure to achieve – it’s all on my own terms, in my own time.

Luke WaltersAAT Professional Diploma in Accounting