Lorraine Ludlow – General Ledger Accountant with CQG Ltd

Lorraine Ludlow is now a General Ledger Accountant with CQG Ltd.

Lorraine tells us: “I have worked in banking and accountancy since the age of 17 and although I have many years practical experience, I reached a point in my career where I could not progress any further without obtaining the relevant accountancy qualifications: that is when I found Premier Training!

“My Boss recommended the AAT qualification as a good place to start, so I enrolled with Premier Training in August 2005 at AAT Intermediate Level. I chose Premier Training’s AAT course because of the flexibility of the course and I could choose the hours that I wanted to study. The thought of attending an evening course ending at 9.00p.m. did not appeal after a busy day working in accounts,” adds Lorraine.

“A home study course also meant that if I wanted to plan an engagement, I didn’t have to avoid certain weeknights when I would have to attend classes. I could just move my study time around to suit myself and my lifestyle.

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