The flexibility of online distance learning was perfect for me

I decided during lockdown to take the AAT Level 1 Access Award in Bookkeeping.

I was very nervous. Should I, shouldn’t I, and being classed as a mature student (just turned 58) was it worth it? The answer is yes!

Everyone from Premier Training were so supportive and friendly. I don’t think I could have done this without their positive attitude and the support from them.

My assignments were manageable and promptly marked with constructive comments from Richard Sharp, my course tutor, helping me to understand where I was at and how I was coping with the assignments.

Veronica Battley testimony

I did rush the course. It was an approximately six-week course but as I didn’t know how I would cope I did all my assignments in three weeks!

I understand now that I had more than enough time to study at a reasonable pace without panicking. A tip to people who might be considering this for the first time!

The course, for me, was easy to follow. The short videos and tutorials were in bite-sized chunks, so easy to take in and mentally digest. You can watch and go back as much as you want.

The mini tests before each assignment were great. I re-did them so many times, just to feel confident and familiar with the final exam.

The flexibility of online distance learning was perfect for me. I could set my own time and pace with it all, whether it was 10 minutes or two hours. The choice was mine. You can also pick up where you left off or start again. It’s so easy and stress free.

I work as a Parish Administrator and have taken on more duties. which include some involvement with finances. So this has given me the skills and confidence to understand what is actually going on now!

Since passing (yes, I passed!) I feel more confident and know that I have nothing to fear. In this changing world we are living in, online training is the way forward.

Premier Training has been fantastic and I would highly recommend to all who wish to take this path, in regards to online learning. I must thank Lee Jones and Heather McGowan, who were very kind and supportive. To all the team at Premier Training a big thank you!

Veronica Battley – AAT Level 1 Access Award in Bookkeeping