Student Q&A: All three AAT levels ensuring bright future for Lucy

Lucy Haffenden completed all three AAT Accounting levels in less than three years with Premier Training.

Here, she explains how her qualifications have assisted her day-to-day work and why Premier’s support was ‘invaluable’….

How have your AAT qualifications helped you progress in your career?

I have gained a wider understanding of the accounting process and can see the ‘bigger picture’ in regards to the finance/accounts department I work within and where my role fits in. It also gave me new skills which I have been able to use in my day-to-day work and having the full qualification and membership will hopefully help for promotions/open up doors to new opportunities in the future.

Premier Training AAT student Lucy Haffenden

What opportunities have they helped to create for you?

​I have learnt new skills, for instance with Excel, which has allowed me to create better spreadsheets in my role. I also attended cost control training internally in my company, the content was much more understandable (in terms of understanding terminology and variances etc) having studied AAT, and I enjoyed the chance to learn more about the business financial position and how we do cost control in a real-life scenario.

Why was distance learning the right option for you?

It gave flexibility so I could work at my own pace and from home; I self-supported my study so it was the best option to fit around my work life and other commitments.

How was the Premier Training support on offer?

Brilliant! I loved the mixture of study videos, the help sheets and the regular practice assignments to check in with how you are getting on. The tutors were always very helpful; my tutor Richard was wonderful, supportive and always gave prompt helpful feedback and if he was away one of the other tutors would be on hand to help. The Osbourne resources were also clear, easy to follow and had lots of practice questions at the end of each chapter and exam practice papers. These were all invaluable as a combination.

What’s next? More qualifications planned?

Nothing further planned at the moment, but who knows…one day I may go on to CIMA or ACCA! I really enjoyed learning again and the AAT content. I feel more fulfilled in my role/sector of work having studied and have no regrets at all in my choice of qualification or training provider.