IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Coronavirus (Covid-19) update – March 19

Understandably, we are receiving a number of queries from students regarding the coronavirus and how this could affect their studies.

Due to an increasing number of external examination centres closing nationally, this will inevitably mean that many students will be unable to book assessments for the foreseeable future whilst restrictions on public places are put in place.

Being a distance learning provider, our business is very well placed to continue supporting our students during this period. Therefore, if you are unable to book an assessment, our current advice is to continue with your study / course timetable with the aim of catching up with any assessments once any restrictions are lifted and exam centres reopen.

We would like to reassure all students who are actively studying, and who may be approaching the end of their support period, that we will extend access to their MyPTA account and provide tutor support to them throughout this period of uncertainty.

We will continue to provide updates with any new information as it arrives.