Detailed assessment feedback

Farhana Begum AAT

I’ve recently just joined Premier Training as I believe the course prices and resources are much better than my previous provider. The tutor support and feedback is the main reason why I switched. My tutor Jeff, is amazingly very helpful! He replies very fast and provides me with detailed assessment feedback which is very useful. He’s also provided me with additional assessments just to boost my confidence when taking my exam,

If my tutor isn’t available, there’s always someone else that will answer or pick up on the email and will go out their way to help me. I remember I tried calling my tutor for an instant reply, another tutor picked up and I’ve told her the question I’m struggling on. She’s advised she’ll call back after 10 minutes so she can draw up some notes and give me a detailed answer. I did say to her I’m in a rush as I planned to go in the shower. And she said it’s not a problem and she’ll call me back after 40 minutes when I’m done. it’s just nice that I need help and the tutors are making sure they help me while it fits around my time.

MyPTA is pretty cool. It’s got a lot of resources and it’s easy to navigate once you’re more into the course. Premflix is amazing because it’s got lectures/revision videos that really help. I love the idea of flexible learning as I can study when it suits me. No pressure. Overall, I’m happy with this provider and hopefully after I complete the Level 3, I will enrol on the level 4 with Premier Training.

Farhana Begum
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting