Always willing to help

Edyta Boateng AATMy tutor’s name is Liz Hunt. She is my one to one tutor. My experience with the tutor is very positive. She is always willing to help and she is able to help straight away when I call her. She is competent in her job. It takes up to two days to mark my assignments. I think it is very quick. The feedback is clear and understandable. I am able to understand my mistakes and correct myself.

The course advisors are also very helpful and competent. I can contact with them via telephone or via a message from my account on Premier Training website. They reply next day which is quick.

My account on Premier Training Website is useful. There is all the information which I need to continue with my studies there. I like videos and quizzes. They are a good and quick way to check if I have mastered the subject or not. I also like books which Premier Training provided. They are written in a very understandable way. There are a lot of practice questions which help to learn and memorize things there. I find very helpful also study support on AAT website.

I like distance learning because I can study at my own pace. I am a parent and it would be impossible for me to attend classes on regular basis or to study to set up time limits. This course helped me to get an accounting job in which I am now. The knowledge which I learn on the training helps me to do my work properly because I understand the accounting processes. I know how to deal with invoices. I have to post different journals at work. Studies of double entry on this course helped me to understand what needs to be done with a journal and how it needs to be done. I have also more confident. I am not scared of my future now when I have learned new skills and obtained qualifications which are recognizable in the whole country.

Edyta Boateng
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting