Richard Taylor – Feedback and Testimony

Richard Taylor AATTestimony:
• My experience of the tutor support is very good. I usually phone if I have difficulty in getting something to click, as I learn better verbally than by reading where there are complexities. I have spoken to my own tutor, and others where my own has not been in at the time I have called. Regardless who I speak with, the support is very good and no question is a silly question.

• All of my assignments have been marked and feedback received within 2 working days. A good proportion within 1 working day which is fantastic as it lets me crack on knowing I’ve grasped the concepts being taught.

• The e-learning is good – there are videos and helpsheets online to assist with getting to grips with the topics being taught.

• I did Level 2 at college 2 nights per week. But with Level 3 I have chosen distance learning as my job means I cannot attend college in the hours the course is run. However, with the tutor support on hand, I don’t find this a problem. It means I can pick up my study materials and put half an hour or an hour in whenever I like and don’t have to wait for college class time or indeed be held back or rushed depending on the ability of other students.

• Since starting the course, I’ve been able to fit studying when the kids have gone to bed. It has allowed me to carry on working in my current job without the hassle of changing or reducing my hours which is a massive help. I’ve passed all of the assignments I have been set and have a Merit and Distinction in the first 2 unit exams so I’m doing well and that makes me very happy and confident for the future.

Richard Taylor
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting