The fexibility with distance learning is great

Liz Hunt

Liz Hunt – Premier Training Tutor

When my books first arrived I stared at them for about 2 days thinking to myself “what have I done” but once I got started I have really been enjoying studying and with the great help from Liz I am feeling confident I can manage it. The MyPTA really helps with the training and seeing where you’re up to. The flexibility with distance learning is great as I can now study when it suits and it helps that if you are a little behind you can always catch up as there are no harsh deadlines to make you rush and make mistakes.


Doing the qualification has helped me to understand my work more, although I’ve worked here for 18 years the computer has always done it for me whereas now I understand it more. I have recently applied for a couple of new jobs and had an interview yesterday and the AAT was a big subject as the employer wanted someone who had or was working towards the qualification so thankfully it’s helped massively, fingers crossed I get the job!


Thank you, Premier Training!