Environmental Sustainability

Here at Premier Training, our tutors are reducing their carbon footprint.  We have one tutor who rides a moped to work with 80mg/km consumption and another who regularly cycles a 30 mile round trip.

For those who work a little further away, some have the option of working from home, thus not having to travel at all.


When a business promotes itself as being socially responsible it is known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Types of CSR include:

  • Reducing the ‘carbon footprint’. CO2 emissions can be reduced by large or small programmes. A policy of switching off lights when not needed can reduce CO2 as can curbing pollution or even developing ‘clean’ energy.
  • Businesses may donate to local or national charities. They may give time or money to local community programmes.
  • Businesses will treat employees fairly and ethically. They may provide comprehensive training and promotion prospects.


There are many examples of CSR in large companies.

  • The Body Shop has made a stand against animal testing since 1985.
  • Starbucks focuses on sustainable production of ‘green’ coffee.
  • Ben and Jerry’s donate 7.5% of pre-tax profits to charities.
  • Pedigree sponsors animal shelters and it aims to donate 4 million bowls of dog food to these shelters.


These are just a few examples of Corporate Social Responsibility in action today. It is all about having a bigger impact on our community.


How do you try to reduce it’s carbon footprint? Does your company have a CSR policy? Let us know on Facebook!