AQ2016 Standards – Unit Codes

This document has been created to show the short codes used for each of the assessments related to  AQ2016 standards. When booking exams under the new standards these are the codes recognised by the centres.  Remember that the AQ2013 standards have different codes.


AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

Unit Assessment Code
Bookkeeping Transactions BTRN
Bookkeeping Controls BKCL
Elements of Costing ELCO
Work Effectively in Finance WEFN
Using Accounting Software UACS
Foundation Synoptic FSYA



AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting

Unit Assessment Code
Advanced Bookkeeping AVBK
Final Accounts Preparation FAPR
Management Accounting : Costing MMAC
Indirect Tax IDRX
Ethics for Accountants ETFA
Spreadsheets for Accountants SPSH
Advanced Diploma Synoptic Assessment AVSY



AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

Unit Assessment Code
Financial Statements of Limited Companies FSLC
Management Accounting : Budgeting MABU
Management Accounting : Decision and Control MDCL
Accounting Systems and Control ASYC
Professional Diploma Synoptic Assessment PDSY
Business Tax BSTX
Personal Tax PLTX
Credit Management CDMT
Externally Assessed Auditing ETAU
Cash and Treasury Management CTRM