My success story with Premier Training

Najma Rahman - AAT Level 3After a very rewarding career in science, a turn in the life road saw me arrive at Premier training who had set up a stall in my home town and my curiosity about how the numbers add up in business took hold and six months later here I am proving to my self that it is possible to start all over again even after post graduation. I thoroughly recommend doing the practice assessments on a regular basis simply to develop the memory and the staff are always available at the end of the phone.


The direct person-person contact via phone, email or in person all helps since learning is about talking about what is in your head and these thoughts need to be bounced around until the desired result of the lesson plan arrives not just on the paper or screen but in your head. It is all too easy to click and click but long term enrichment needs a personal touch of encouragement or simply ‘well done’.



For some one who has new horizons after a successful graduate working life a conceptual based discourse is a natural learning environment and for that of course you need a person!


For some one like me who is doing a complete career change, the AAT qualification,  I have found to be highly regarded by the profession, it is highly vocational and the course material is excellent. The computer based exams prepare you for working at the screen under timed conditions, being member of the professional body also gives you insight into the wider aspects of the profession something which as a graduate you would not necessarily come across.


The AAT journal is a good read.  Learning can be achieved even after leaving exams behind or even for those who have not gone through the academic route, it really is about believing in your self and hearing this  from Premier Training was just fantastic.


Najma Rahman – AAT Level 3 (My success story with Premier Training)