Aravind Appaji – Testimonial

Aravind Appaji - International financeThank you Premier Training for helping me to complete the AAT qualification and gain the MAAT status.

I would highly recommend Premier Training because it was not always easy or convenient for the members Jeff Grimston, Nick Craggs and Kay Jones to support me, and yet they gave so very generously of their time, knowledge, and patience. As a result of their expertise and guidance, I have learned a great deal, and their involvement helped me to successful complete my AAT qualification.

I would highly recommend the AAT qualification to anyone, who may have years of experience in accounting/financial and would want a formal qualification. The AAT qualification would help you learn more about the theories underpinning your current role and helps you to gain the confidence and perform at a higher level. Not only this is just a qualification, it is an invaluable aid to career progression.

Once again, thank you Premier Training and the tutors for your commitment and assistance. My gratitude for your contribution to my future success as an Accounting professional is immeasurable.

Thanks and regards,
Aravind Appaji