Trudy Beetham – AAT Level 4 Passed!


Trudy Beetham with boys Harry (left) and Tom.

I am absolutely ecstatic that I have finally passed my AAT Level 4 Passed. I now can’t recall when I enrolled but it is at least 3 years ago. I enrolled with Premier Training after completing my Level 3 at night school but as I was pregnant and with no family close by, the decision to opt for distance learning was an easy one. I searched the internet looking for a suitable provider, and Premier Training stood out as a flexible provider who didn’t require me to attend any classroom based lessons and I could sit exams at the examination centre of my choice. It also appeared to be competitively priced. I followed the timetable provided by my tutor for the first assessment and completed all (I think) the assignments and mock exams. My tutor Mike Kirkham, always provided prompt feedback with guidance on areas to study further and always with words of encouragement. Whenever I needed to speak with someone, a one to one session was easy to arrange, at a time that suited me.

I have been through a change to the AAT Level 4 course, which meant that the Internal Controls work that I had already completed went to waste as I didn’t manage to complete prior to the change-over. Luckily Premier Training gave me another 18 months worth of support when I switched to the new qualification, all of which I needed and then a few extra months (thank you).

Another pregnancy later and with an extended break, I was back to it but struggling to fit everything in. Late night study sessions were hard going. As I worked through the course I tended to rely on the workbook based activities and assignments and rarely used tutor support. I did call on the odd occasion and always received the advice and support I needed even though I wasn’t doing my ‘homework’.

With two exams and my project to go I was successful in gaining a financial assistant position for a very reputable company with excellent terms and salary. I was very pleased to be the successful candidate out of 46 applicants and my AAT qualification certainly helped. It showed that I was still working hard (and self financing it) even though I had been out of the job market for 3 years. AAT was desirable on the job description but now that I have been in post for just over a year, the company has now amended my job profile to AAT essential! It’s just as well that I’ve passed! Many thanks to all the team for the support over the years. The admin team have always been very helpful and provided an efficient service in sending out texts and information.

I’m now looking forward to gaining my certificate and debating what to study next!

Kind regards
Trudy Beetham