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Frequently Asked Questions about Courses with Premier Training: At Premier Training we pride ourselves on offering the highest standards of personal support to all our individual students.

Here are some typical questions and answers that we receive daily. Please feel free to contact us though if you have any questions you would like us to help you with.

Q: Can I pay by instalments?
A: Yes, you can pay the course fee and P&P over 4 monthly instalments with no interest or charges. The first payment will be taken upon enrolment and you can get started straight away. We will then arrange to take the three remaining instalments from your credit or debit card on an agreed date each month.

Q: When will I receive my study material?
A: If you enrol by 3pm Monday to Friday you will receive your course material the next day, including Saturday!

Q: When can I start my course?
A: You can enroll with Premier Training anytime of the year. You could receive the study material the next day and get started straight away.

Q: How long will it take to complete a course?
A: The amount of hours you commit to the course will dictate the length of the course. There are no barriers at Premier Training and in fact we’ve had students that have completed the AAT Level 2 Certificate, Level 3 Diploma and Level 4 Diploma in less then a year!

Q: What support will I get?
A: When enrolling you will be assigned your own personal tutor and course advisor. You will be given their direct lines and email address and you can contact them as much as you need throughout your studies. Your tutor is there to help directly with your studies such as discussing feedback from a piece of coursework and your course advisor helps with the more administrative parts such as changing timetables.

Q: Am I too old to study a course?
A: Absolutely not. There is no age limit to study this course. We already have students in their 50’s and 60’s that are studying a bookkeeping or accountancy course so that when they retire, they have an occupation to keep them active and earn an income.

Q: Do I have to get the course finished by a set date like in a college?
A: We work right through the summer and there is no ‘end of term’. However, once a student has enrolled on to a course/level with Premier Training the student would be expected to have completed that course/level within 1 year from the date of enrolment. Private tuition after the one year date will be entirely at the discretion of Premier Training (if you are studying the AAT Level 4 you will have 18 months to complete).

Q: What if I find I need to re-sit an exam?
A: No problem. We will help you to revise for the next sitting; if you find this means you’ve too much to do we can re-plan your timetable and move other items back a little to take the pressure off. You will only have to pay the exam fee again as Premier Training will continue to tutor you for the duration remaining on the course.

Q: Once I’ve agreed my timetable can I change it?
A: Yes, of course – if you feel you need more time or would like to speed your studies up simply contact your personal course advisor and they will revised your timetable to suit your pace of study.

Q: Can I start the next level of my course after exams or do I have to wait for results?
A: There’s no need to wait – make use of the extra time available by starting the next level straight away if you wish.

Q: Where do I sit exams?
A: Each of the awarding bodies has its own network of exam centres throughout the UK as well as worldwide. Full details are given on their websites and you will have support from a Premier Training course advisor if required.

Q: Do the course fees include books etc?
A: Our fees include all necessary study material such as books, assignments, mock exams (for some courses) access to our student resource area with extra study aids and revision guides. Please note that if you are studying certain subjects such as taxation where the finance act changes annually, you may be required to purchase new books if you have not completed the unit before the change.

Q: What other costs are involved?
A: Most qualifications require you to register with the relevant professional awarding body as a student member, for which there is an annual membership fee payable direct to the institution concerned. There are also fees for examinations and full details of all these costs can be found on the ‘fees’ page for each course.

Q: Is it necessary for me to be working in accounts to be able to complete a course?
A: No, not at all. Many students find that the way to get into accounts work in the first place is to start studying for a suitable qualification. They find that employers take their applications much more seriously – especially once they’ve got some exam passes under their belts.

Q: Will studying a course improve my chances of obtaining a job in accountancy?
A: Absolutely yes. Many of our students have found that prospective employers started taking their applications much more seriously once they had started to make progress with their qualifications. AAT is one of the most recognized and respected awarding bodies in the UK. Glance over some job search websites and you will see that employers require candidates, are either part or fully AAT qualified.

Q: How much can I earn after completing the qualification?
A: Depending on where you are located, the industry, your job role and responsibilities and the size of the company will determine your potential salary. It will be approximately from £25,000 – £40,000.