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(c) The way information is communicated to you by your tutor:Very GoodGoodSatisfactoryPoor

(d) The way information is communicated to you by your course advisor:Very GoodGoodSatisfactoryPoor

(e) The tutor feedback provided with marked course work:Very GoodGoodSatisfactoryPoor

(f) The assignments and mock exams:Very GoodGoodSatisfactoryPoor

(g) The user friendly website:Very GoodGoodSatisfactoryPoor

(h) The helpful resources on the website:Very GoodGoodSatisfactoryPoor

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Please assess the following areas of MyPTA:

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(c) How easy did you find learning from your MyPTA: Very GoodGoodSatisfactoryPoor

Please make any other suggestions which you believe would improve the course at Premier Training.

2 thoughts on “Course Questionnaire

  1. Now at the end of AAT level 2 and commencing AAT level 3 – Thrilled to be continuing my study journey with Premier Training. Amazing resources. Amazing tutor, who provides efficient and informative feedback. Amazing course adviser, who’s helped with various admin queries, and helped to set up an affordable repayment plan for my next level of study. Amazing all round!!!!

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