Found one to one tutor support extremely beneficially

Stephen Hunt AATI have found the one to one tutor support extremely beneficially to my studies. Whenever I have needed to call upon my tutor, I have been able to do so. He has always been able to give clear and concise information to any questions or queries I may have. Each unit has a number of assignments, which once completed are always marked promptly and any feedback is constructive to better help me understand when I have made an error.

The MyPTA facility offered by Premier Training is a great tool for having all of your online study materials, assignments, timetables and a number of little extras all in one place. It even goes as far as telling you the weather forecast for that week.

The tutors did not pester me over the speed that I completed each unit. Even when I fell behind on my agreed timetable they really let me study at my own pace giving me the full flexibility of distance learning. This was extremely useful considering I work 2 jobs as well as having other commitments.

Overall, Premier Training has been brilliant for me. I have full confidence in myself that I can complete each exam for AAT comfortably and pass with distinctions, not just merits or passes. I am looking forward to getting straight on with Level 3.

Stephen Hunt
AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting & AAT Advanced
Diploma in Accounting