The study material is simply amazing

Hi everyone,

I am Vincenzo Pasculli, an Italian Professional relocated one year ago in Scotland hoping to start a new career in this wonderful country.

After some months from my arrival and some delusional work experience, I’ve realized it was time to restart training in order to achieve some new valuable qualification and, possibly, better job opportunities ASAP. Going through different training advisors, I was addressed to the AAT but my biggest problem was the lack of spare time necessary to attend regular class lessons. The only way left at this point was some kind of distance learning course.

I Learned about Premier Training on the internet as it was ranked Best Distance Learning Provider of the year 2015. Seven months later (and three months in advance to my time table), I can tell I am fully satisfied with my Premier Training experience for many reasons:

  • The tools available on the MyPTA platform along with the tutor support allowed me to study effectively at my own pace, getting the most out of my precious spare time. The tutor are really available at any moment and promptly provided me with all the information required to solve any doubt.
  • The study material is simply amazing: as a non English student (and also far away from any definition of fluency in this language) it is very difficult to approach this kind of studies so full of technicality (a good business English course in Italy could be very expensive), nonetheless I was able to sit the all the different CBT very quickly, completely confident about my preparation and also with the sensation of an improved knowledge of the English language.

After the first qualification and with a renewed enthusiasm, I am starting now the AAT level 3 and decided obviously to complete my studies with Premier Training absolutely trustful of their learning offer, having had the opportunity to test myself a real improvement in both my skills and confidence.