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Good evening , welcome to the
Bookkeeping Transactions (BTRN) Unit

Getting Started

This e-learning software will allow you to study & revise for your final assessment efficiently in a structured format. Your personal timetable sets the pace of your course informing you which assignment and assessment needs to be completed by its assigned date. To prepare you for the final assessment each unit contains three assignments and a mock assessment. Between each assignment are study resources such as chapters from study books, videos, quizzes and handouts which allow you to gain the relevant knowledge to complete the online assignments. Below is what you will learn in this unit:

  • Assignment 1: This covers accounting roles and transactions, selling goods & services, VAT & legal considerations and recording sales & sales returns.

  • Assignment 2: Here you will learn about cash receipts and cash sales.

  • Assignment 3: The final section of this unit covers dealing with banks, recording purchases, making payments and petty cash.

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    Once I've agreed my timetable can I change it? - Yes, of course. If you feel you need more time or would like to speed up your studies simply contact your personal course advisor and they will email you a revised timetable to suit your pace of study. Each time you complete an assignment, practice exam or official exam the unit progress circle will increase.

    Please update your timetable when you pass an external assessment to keep us informed of your progress.


      Due Date Received Date Result Referred
    Assignment 1 15/10/2015 14/10/2015 Distinction No
    Assignment 2 29/10/2015 No
    Assignment 3 05/11/2015 No

    Use the timetable above to plan your study schedule around the assignment submission dates.

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    Assignment 1 - Introduction

    Assignment 1 - Introduction In this section you will learn about:
  • Accounting roles and transactions
  • Selling goods and services
  • VAT and legal considerations
  • Recording sales and sales returns

  • When you click ‘Next’ you will be prompted to read a section of the book. You can read it from within the programme or you can read the hard copy from your course material. At the end of the chapter there are practice questions (answers come later in the text) and you should also attempt the supplementary material in your Revision Kit.

    When you have read the chapter check if there are video recordings which will aid understanding of the topics you have just read about. After the text and videos (if relevant) you will be taken to the assignment as shown on your personal timetable.

    Click the button when you are ready.

    Thank you

    You have now completed the demonstration for Bookkeeping Transactions (BTRN) unit. If you would like to enrol please contact us on: 01469 515444 or email:

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    HandoutsPlease use these downloadable handouts as supplementary learning materials to your studies:

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    Helpsheets Chapter 1
    Types of Business

    Helpsheets Chapter 2
    & 3
    VAT Split 20%

    Helpsheets Chapter 4
    Accounting for a sale
    Balancing off
    Cash and Credit Sales

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    Peter Clarke

    You have been assigned a personal tutor whose name is:Peter Clarke

    You can contact your tutor by either Direct Line: or the Switchboard telephone: 01469 515444.

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