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Premier training - approved aat coursesWhich AAT Technician Level is Best for Me?

Wondering which AAT course level to start at? Take our online initial assessment quiz and receive free tutor guidance on which AAT level is right for you.


AAT Level 1 or Foundation Certificate?


It is vital that you start your AAT course at the right level.  If you start at too low a level you’ll find it too easy and you may lose enthusiasm; if you start at too high a level you’ll find it too difficult and may not be able to achieve the qualification. To help ensure you make the right choice we have developed a short initial assessment quiz which you can access here: AAT Access level 1 or Access_Foundation_Certificate. One of our tutors will mark and return direct to you free of charge. Once you’ve completed this it will be clear which level is right for you and you con proceed confident that you’ve made the right choice.



AAT Foundation Certificate or Advanced Diploma?


If you have work experience or qualifications within manual bookkeeping there may an option to start at Advanced Diploma in Accounting. To see if you are eligible please click here to access our online AAT Initial Assessment. This has questions that are designed to help the tutor’s at Premier Training assess and advise at which level is the most suitable for you to start. If you wish to take the test, please complete then click submit. The assessment is then automatically emailed to a Premier Training tutor for prompt marking and a Premier Training tutor will contact you with your results.



Free Interactive AAT Video Tutorial

Study one of our E-learning video tutorials on Fundamental Principles (Video Quiz)! This is one of the many video tutorials we have created for AAT practice exams Levels 2 – 4. Every week we are adding even more video tutorials to our Virtual Learning Environment. If you are a student of Premier Training you can also request a video tutorial for an area you are finding tricky. Together with printed materials, dedicated telephone support (including evenings) we have all you need to study and pass your accountancy course.To study Debits & Credits simply click “Start Learning”.