The 1-2-1 tutor support at Premier Training is brilliant

Jenna Norman AATThe 1-2-1 tutor support at Premier Training is brilliant. My tutor, Richard, always replies to my emails promptly and provides extra resources when I am needing extra help with a topic. My assignments have all been marked quicker than I expected which is great. The distance learning is really flexible which is great as it means I can revise during my commute to and from work, meaning when I get home I don’t have as much to do!

The resources on MyPTA are more than sufficient in covering the exam topics, I have found that I know more than needed for the assessments which gives me confidence.

Through completing my first 2 exams for Level 2 I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability, which had shown in the workplace and has resulted in my responsibilities being increased.

Jenna Norman
AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

I really enjoyed learning with Premier Training

SINA ABHINU aatI have just finished my AAT Level 2. I really enjoyed learning with Premier Training simply because of their great tutor support (Jeff). Responses for my queries were quick and well answered throughout the journey. MyPTA is an amazing web to keep the track. I am so excited about this course towards my accounting career. I would strongly recommend Premier Training.

Sina Abhinu
AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

The most important decision

Dana-gabriela Cusmir aatIt was the most important decision I have ever made when I have started studying for my AAT exams with Premier Training. They provide excellent study materials, the flexibility of distance learning and professional support, course advisor team. I recommend them to everyone!


Dana-gabriela Cusmir
AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping

Extremely helpful, encouraging and supportive.

Judy Young AAT StudentI found the tutor (Jeff Grimston) extremely helpful, encouraging and supportive.

I also found the administration personnel equally supportive and helpful, so hence my surprise recently that I apparently misunderstood certain criteria. It was explained that at my age, I was taking the course to gain a qualification that covered my 55 years experience at the same time as being a former student when AAT was the Institute of Accounting Technicians (IAT) and home studying with Faulkes and in fact, I still have the papers!
To find my recent success did not give me full membership.

I have gone through all the notes since getting the news, with registering with insurance, ICO and getting a DBS certificate., but nethertheless disappointed with the end result. I have to consider my next option as level 4 covers options I will not use in my business.

Judy Young
AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

I have a wonderful experience with them

Dana-Gabriela Cusmir AAT StudentI am an AAT student and my training provider is Premier Training. I am studying bookkeeping and I have a wonderful experience with them. Ms Liz Hunt, my tutor, is providing me with the best advice, all her feed-backs have a big contribution to my career. I have chosen Premier Training because they offer the possibility to study online from home and they provide all the study materials necessary for studying. In order to help to understand the topics, they have videos and e-learning resources which are very helpful. During my first course, I have grown in confidence I have gained knowledge about basic bookkeeping.

Dana-Gabriela Cusmir
AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping, AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping,  Foundation Award in Accounting Software & Sage Payroll

Very happy with Premier Training

Karen Butcher AAT StudentI’ve been very happy with Premier Training courses so far. I’ve had great and quick feedback from the tutor, which has been very helpful. I’m now on my second course – and am aiming to complete AAT Bookkeeping qualifications in due course, to allow me to offer another service to my future customers.

Karen Butcher
AAT Award in Bookkeeping & AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping

My tutor was very helpful

Amanda Smith AATMy tutor was very helpful, quick to respond, and assignments were marked and returned to me with feedback promptly. If there were any areas where I struggled my tutor would send additional material to support my learning, he was always on hand to answer any questions I had. Once I had completed all the assessments I also received additional assessment material to work through.

Working through the course material online through MyPTA was very straight forward, as it is so flexible I found it easy to fit my study around work and family. Completing the Level 2 Bookkeeping has improved my understanding of the subject greatly and I am now progressing onto the Level 3, again through Premier Training, as this will allow me to work as a freelance AAT Bookkeeper.

Amanda Smith 
AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping, AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping & Foundation Award in Accounting Software


My tutor is very good

Natalie Baldwin AATMy tutor is very good and explains things very good, you have great revision material and an easy to understand books, I find the assignments at the end of each section really well as it gives you an idea how you are before booking an exam. I think I will continue to use you for level 3 and 4.

Natalie Baldwin 
AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

Having the 1-1 support from a tutor helped me

Georgina Capes AAT

The support network from all the staff at Premier Training has been amazing. The quick marking turnaround and detailed feedback has made it easy for me to progress through my studies and achieve great results.

The 1-1 live sessions exceeded any of my expectations. They were made specifically to meet my needs and I always left them feeling both accomplished and motivated. I would recommend them to any student about to sit an exam as the expertise I learnt from them was second to none. Having the 1-1 support from a tutor helped me iron out any problems I was having as their time and knowledge was dedicated solely to me so they could go through subjects step by step and ensure my process didn’t have any errors.

Premier Training are experts in the field and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to study via distance learning.

Georgina Capes
(AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting)

A big thank you to Premier Training

Abdul AATA big thank you to Premier Training for helping me pass my Level 2 AAT exams with a merit, and also achieving a merit in Advance bookkeeping in Level 3. I am proud to have such great tutors and course advisors who have always been there to help and support me throughout Level 2.

I found Premier training excellent for my needs. As I’m working full time, I needed a flexible study platform. I can submit my assignments whenever I am ready for them. Their revision videos are very helpful while revising.
Tutor feedback is excellent, even when my tutor is on vacation, someone will respond to me straight away to resolve my query. The assignments are marked promptly and showed me where I didn’t do well, and how I could have achieved better marks.

Since joining Premier Training I have achieved unexpectedly good results, obviously with a lot of studying hours and practice but also Tutors and course directors were always there to help me achieve those excellent grades. I have become more confident and focused while studying and sitting for exams.

I will certainly want to achieve my final Level 4 exams with the help of Premier Training. Thank You! PT.

AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping