They have always helped me with my studies and provided support at all times

Andrew Taras AATI have been signed up as a premier training student for over a year now and have successfully completed a Level 1 access award, as well as a level 2 foundation diploma in accounting, obtaining a distinction. I wanted to use a distance training provider so that I could complete my studies in my own time, yet have all the support and training resources required when needed.

Premier Training have been extremely efficient and supportive with the help they have given me. A realistic timetable was given and mutually agreed, however, the flexibility was there to make adaptations to this. 0% interest on a payment plan was offered, making courses extremely affordable. Course materials were dispatched extremely fast and they have covered each module in-depth and explained each topic to its fullest extent. End of chapter tests (with answers as well) allows for regular updates on how well information is being learnt. The online MyPTA resource includes video learning, as well as the course materials electronically. Regular tests are taken on MyPTA which differ from the ones in the course materials, allowing for another dimension of testing yourself. Results to these tests are human marked by a personal tutor and never take more than a day to receive. The results are given with a full explanation from the personal tutor, along with a supportive message and a breakdown of where marks are lost.

Georgina, Alexandra, Samantha, Mark as well as the rest of the team at Premier Training are completely knowledgeable at their jobs and they are always a pleasure to speak with or bring queries to. They have always helped me with my studies and provided support at all times. Studying through Premier Training has allowed me to become promoted at my current job role, moving from a bookkeeping role to a accounts assistant role, which was a goal of mine at this stage in my training. Premier Training thoroughly deserve all the awards and recognition they have achieved and I look forward to them supporting me through my Level 3 in Accounting.

Andrew Taras
AAT Level 1 Access Award Bookkeeping, AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting, AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting


I would highly recommend Premier training to anyone!

Joanne Walmsley AATI am working full time while studying with Premier Training so the quick responses and markings is extremely helpful. My tutor is always quick to reply to me and provides additional resources/ explanations on those areas where I need extra help. The feedback that is provided is always clear and understandable

The videos and quizzes online are really great tools to use when studying.

As I am working full time the flexibility of this course is brilliant. I can work at my own pace. I can work as long / little as I can depending on what else I have going on at work and at home!

Through completing my first 2 exams for Foundation Certificate in Accounting I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability, which has been noticed by my colleagues and has led to additional responsibilities already.

I would highly recommend Premier training to anyone!

Joanne Walmsley 
AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

The tutors are fantastic

Edward Walford AATThe main aspect that appealed to me with Premier Training was the distance learning and the flexibility that it provided. I was thrown in at the deep end with a finance and wages position and found that AAT provided the skill-set for me to become up to speed on all things financial. Even after starting a couple of new jobs, the attributes that I have gained have enabled me to become successful in finance roles. The tutors are fantastic, always on hand to provide advice and support, no question is too small! The videos and interactive resources are a valuable aid to understanding the more complex accounting issues.

Edward Walford 
(AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting)


Extremely supportive and helpful

Saqib Khan AATI am just about to sit my final exam for AAT having passed all the others in flying colours. I would not be exaggerating in saying that from the moment I got on the course till now, everyone from the admin staff to the tutors have been extremely supportive and helpful in making my studies all that much easier. The tutor support is always there as whatever problems I had were quickly resolved and assignments are marked swiftly, and feedback is given quickly, and the study material is of very high quality as well. There are handbooks as well as videos which helped out massively in consolidating my understanding of the content.

Studying with Premier Training definitely gave me a lot of confidence and I’ve recently managed to secure a trainee contract with an established UK accountancy firm thanks in part, to the excellent service they’ve provided me which gave me the motivation to keep applying to firms and demonstrate at interviews with confidence, how well I was progressing with my studies. I cannot honestly think of a single instance when they’ve let me down or Iwhere received just about average service. They were always on hand to help me whether I wanted to go through the course at a faster or slower pace so all in all, I’d highly recommend their services.

Thank you and all the best!

Saqib Khan
AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

The one to one support I receive… is outstanding

Loltaru Brown AATThe one to one support I receive from my tutor, Jeff Grimston, is outstanding. Jeff always answers me promptly and shows me the easy way around what could be a difficult solution.

My coursework is always marked promptly and I value the support I get from all the team at Premier Training

I’m coming to the end of my AAT professional diploma in accountancy which will give me the confidence and next step to pursuing my ACCA qualification. I’m just sad I can’t take Jeff with me!

Loltaru Brown
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting & AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

Detailed assessment feedback

Farhana Begum AAT

I’ve recently just joined Premier Training as I believe the course prices and resources are much better than my previous provider. The tutor support and feedback is the main reason why I switched. My tutor Jeff, is amazingly very helpful! He replies very fast and provides me with detailed assessment feedback which is very useful. He’s also provided me with additional assessments just to boost my confidence when taking my exam,

If my tutor isn’t available, there’s always someone else that will answer or pick up on the email and will go out their way to help me. I remember I tried calling my tutor for an instant reply, another tutor picked up and I’ve told her the question I’m struggling on. She’s advised she’ll call back after 10 minutes so she can draw up some notes and give me a detailed answer. I did say to her I’m in a rush as I planned to go in the shower. And she said it’s not a problem and she’ll call me back after 40 minutes when I’m done. it’s just nice that I need help and the tutors are making sure they help me while it fits around my time.

MyPTA is pretty cool. It’s got a lot of resources and it’s easy to navigate once you’re more into the course. Premflix is amazing because it’s got lectures/revision videos that really help. I love the idea of flexible learning as I can study when it suits me. No pressure. Overall, I’m happy with this provider and hopefully after I complete the Level 3, I will enrol on the level 4 with Premier Training.

Farhana Begum
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting


I can study as and when I have the time

I am halfway through the Advanced Diploma and so far my experience with Premier Training has been great. The study materials are very well structured and easy to understand. My tutor has always been so quick at marking my assignments and proving useful feedback.

I also love that I can study as and when I have the time to do so. I am a mum and also in part-time employment so flexibility has been very important when choosing who to study with.

Alina Rotar
AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting


The 1-2-1 tutor support at Premier Training is brilliant

Jenna Norman AATThe 1-2-1 tutor support at Premier Training is brilliant. My tutor, Richard, always replies to my emails promptly and provides extra resources when I am needing extra help with a topic. My assignments have all been marked quicker than I expected which is great. The distance learning is really flexible which is great as it means I can revise during my commute to and from work, meaning when I get home I don’t have as much to do!

The resources on MyPTA are more than sufficient in covering the exam topics, I have found that I know more than needed for the assessments which gives me confidence.

Through completing my first 2 exams for Level 2 I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability, which had shown in the workplace and has resulted in my responsibilities being increased.

Jenna Norman
AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

I really enjoyed learning with Premier Training

SINA ABHINU aatI have just finished my AAT Level 2. I really enjoyed learning with Premier Training simply because of their great tutor support (Jeff). Responses for my queries were quick and well answered throughout the journey. MyPTA is an amazing web to keep the track. I am so excited about this course towards my accounting career. I would strongly recommend Premier Training.

Sina Abhinu
AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

The most important decision

Dana-gabriela Cusmir aatIt was the most important decision I have ever made when I have started studying for my AAT exams with Premier Training. They provide excellent study materials, the flexibility of distance learning and professional support, course advisor team. I recommend them to everyone!


Dana-gabriela Cusmir
AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping