AAT Foundation Certificate or Advanced Diploma?

Premier TrainingIf you have work experience or qualifications within manual bookkeeping there may an option to start at Advanced Diploma in Accounting. To see if you are eligible please click here to access our online AAT Initial Assessment. This has questions that are designed to help the tutor’s at Premier Training assess and advise at which level is the most suitable for you to start. 

If you wish to take the test, please complete then click submit. The assessment is then automatically emailed to a Premier Training tutor for prompt marking and a Premier Training tutor will contact you with your results.

Premier Training 

Please take careful note of the following points:

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    *Please note: The calculator can be dragged and moved around the screen.

  1. Please ensure you enter your email address carefully as we will reply directly to this with your feedback. If you type it in wrongly our feedback won't reach you!!!

  2. If you press the 'backspace' key when the cursor is NOT in a field this will act as a 'back' button as happens with all web sites. If you do this by mistake simply press the 'forward' button (at the top left corner of your browser) and this will take you back into the assignment and you will find that all of your answers are still present.

  3. Please use only a full stop '.' for a decimal separator, a slash '/' for a date separator and a comma ',' for a thousands separator. Use of any other characters will cause the software to fail to read your answer correctly.

  4. We have a provided a 'Print' button so you can print a copy of your answers before submitting your assignment for marking. If you prefer you could also use this to print out a copy of the data before you start, which is a good idea for the bigger pieces of work as we do not have a 'Save' facility beacuse this is possible in a offical exam. For these you should rough out your answers in pencil and then log back into the assignment to type them in and submit them.

  5. We recommend that you jot down the key points with a pencil on rough paper. It's therefore a good idea to also practice this whilst doing your assignments but if you'd rather print the data you can do. Just remember that you'll be relying on your pencil 'on the day'!!!

  6. Finally - and most importantly of all - if you have any comments you'd like to make about the way these new assignments work please let us know. At Premier Training we've spent a lot of years getting a lot of students through their exams the old-fashioned way and we've now produced these assignments to help you pass your exams the new way. If there's anything you particularly like or don't like - or any suggestions you'd like to make in respect of changes you'd like to see we'd love to hear from you. We can't promise to implement every change you may suggest as we are constrained by what can be achieved with the software we use but we can certainly try.

Please use the following form to pass on any comments you wish to make. You can tell us your name if you like or you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

Technical support: If you need any help please feel free to call us on 01469 515444 for assistance or email: support@premiertraining.co.uk

You can contact your personal tutor by either Direct Line, the Switchboard telephone: 01469 515444 or by email.

Tutors are available at the following times:

Monday and Friday
9.00am to 5.00pm

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