Meet the Premier Training tutor: Jeff Grimston

Jeff Grimston has been an accountancy tutor since 1996 and with Premier Training for 21 years.

He previously worked as a company accountant, finance director and as chief examiner of Cost and Management Accounting for a professional body. His dedication was rewarded last year when Jeff was handed the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by the AAT.

Vernon Anderson, AAT President, remarked: “With a case load of over 800 students – of which his colleagues believe he could name each and every one, along with which level they’re on and the unit they’re working towards – his commitment and eagerness to support and guide each student until they get it, is second to none. Compassionate, caring and empathetic are just three words regularly used to describe Jeff.”

Here, Jeff gives his top tips for students and explains what sets Premier Training apart…

Premier Training AAT tutor Jeff Grimston

Favourite part of the job?

  • When students say thank you for getting them through a challenging course and for the career benefits that have resulted.
  • When you hear the ‘penny drop’ when you’re explaining something particularly tricky.

Top tips for students…

  • Don’t worry when you find a topic difficult – everybody meets some topics they find hard and some that appear more straightforward.
  • Do every activity in the books and make sure you understand how the model answers have been achieved.
  • Have a good go before you give up on an exercise.
  • Ask for help when you do get stuck – this is not an admission of defeat, and it’s an interesting observation that generally it’s the better students who ask the most questions.
  • Ask questions one at a time so that you understand fully the answer – better three or four short emails or calls than one long rambling list.

What sets Premier Training apart?

  • Instant availability of tutor help when you need it
  • Rapid detailed response to queries
  • Quick marking
  • Detailed feedback from a person – not an automated system


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