My Premier Learning Programme

E-learning  has become a common delivery method of training and education, but how about some Me-Learning! My Premier Learning Programme from Premier Training is a flexible learning environment structured around a timetable you define whether you want fast track through your studies or would like it to fit learning around your personal life.

My Premier Learning Programme embraces all learning styles – Auditory, Visual, Kinaesthetic (touching / doing) to suit your preferred learning needs. If reading a book isn’t your preference how about listening to an audiobook or watching a video on the subject? Still not understanding it? How about a hands-on practical activity on the subject. Real life tutor support is at hand from your personal tutor during your studies to provide feedback on your progression and assignments. You can contact your tutor from within the learning software via phone, message, email or Skype. The course guides you through your studies via a structured progression route, and if you need more revision the course will identify this and navigate you down a different branch so that you are fully prepared and ready for your final exam – For example providing additional questions or recommending you contact your tutor. Links to social media from the learning programme allow you to communicate with other fellow learners and discuss course content, syllabus and general studying just like in a classroom.

My Premier Learning Programme is like a having college in your pocket which is accessible on any desktop or mobile device with any web browser no matter if you’re an apple or an android user! With a wealth of study support material revision books, assignments, videos, help notes and direct tutor support, plus collaboration with your peers via social networking, everything you need is in one place.

Below are some screenshots of learning with My Premier Learning Programme