ICB Student Lianne Knott has had been awarded a distinction at every exam so far:

ICB Courses

“I enrolled with Premier Training after doing some research about who offered what courses and their prices on the Internet. When beginning this challenging subject (around a part-time job and a five year old son), I could be sure I either understood things, or if still not sure that I needed to read through it again until I was at ease – and often late at night at first!

The beauty about the courses with Premier Training has been that the one-to-one support you get over the phone or E-Mail was useful, not only at points where  I was questioning my answers,  but for  providing me with the ability to question myself and rethink questions again without throwing the towel  in.   The tutor knows you and how you work from all the assignments they have marked and can direct you all the way through this in a very professional manner.

I have never met any of the tutors at Premier Training but I never had to call back once to talk to them, so from the start I felt as though they were all personally interested in me being successful all the way – and that to me is important, and also that I went away from the call with the nerve to be able to work through whatever it was on my own.  All the areas in the Level two work were actually enjoyable for me and I think I would be hard pushed to find this level of support from another training provider.

So I gained a Distinction at Level one and then I worked through Level two which was harder because it broadened my knowledge to include things like Accruals and Prepayments and the Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.  These are not the easiest, but with a lot of reading material and lots of past papers I managed another Distinction, but I had to put the work in at this point with lots of intense revision.

My family are very pleased with my performance and I have gained a lot of confidence out of this learning journey.  Just when I once wondered if Distance Learning was really for a busy Mum like me, it turns out it is just the job!”

Lianne Knott, ICB student.

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