AAT Distance Learning Hints & Tips

Special Bundle Offer on AATSome practical hints and tips to make your bookkeeping / accounting home study course a success.

For many students, the prospect of studying from home may not be a very familiar one. So much to do and so many distractions!

Premier Training have always adopted a flexible, no-pressure approach to helping students with their studies. You can tailor the study time to suit yourself, working around any other employment, family or home commitments that you may have.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your bookkeeping / accounting home study periods.

It helps to have a small study area (ideally, a spare room or home office) devoted to your home studies.

Your success depends on the effort you put into your studying. Try to discipline yourself into having a regular study timetable if possible.

Don’t worry if you have to miss the occasional study period though, because you can make up the time later, to suit yourself.

Ensure other family members know that when you are in your study area, you are “at work” and they should try not to disturb you unnecessarily. Difficult when young family members demand your attention! Strike a deal with them if necessary.

Some students find that they work best in shorter “bursts” of say 45 minutes at a time. This allows some time to absorb their study material, learn to recognise your study patterns and adopt the way that works best for you.

Check into our online Premier Training resource centre and try our forum to ask questions or share hints and tips with fellow students.

Premier Training will offer you all the support that you need so you know that help is always at hand. Remember that you can phone Premier Training on our late evenings, Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 8.00pm if you would like to speak with a tutor details on our contacts page.

Remember that revision is a continuous process and should not be left until you have finished the syllabus. Don’t keep revising the parts that you enjoy and find easy – keep going back over the difficult parts of the syllabus. Ask your Premier Training tutor for additional help and questions if you feel it necessary. An important part of your revision programme is attempting past exam papers. This will be built into your study timetable – but again you should request more papers if possible from your tutor.

Above all: keep checking your own progress and be honest with yourself; focus on your studies diligently. Premier Training will help you all the way, but the key to success is ultimately in your hands. If you work closely with your tutor he/she will make every effort possible to get you through your examination(s)!


AAT Distance Learning Hints & Tips